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Artist Statement:

I am inspired by ever-changing colors in the seasonal landscape. Nature’s palette offers a range of wild intensity to subdued tranquility. I listen to and notice the environment, finding inspiration in every day life. Creating visual depth, texture, and movement are the guiding forces in my work. I use pure color combined with shape and form to create energy and motion on a flat surface.

I have studied Buddhism, Japanese haiku masters, appreciate the Native American love of the earth, and with a similar understanding hope my paintings will be valued for their simplicity and openness. The Buddha Series is based on simplified Buddhist philosophy; to lead a moral life, be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and develop wisdom and understanding. The Buddha represents both the teacher and the student. Each painting was a lesson and exploration as I embraced various encaustic techniques, always trusting the process. I began to realize that although we appear different on the exterior, within one’s self we possess the same human potential.



Robin Samiljan was born in Chicago and moved to the east coast in 1988. The regional beauty of the New England landscape immediately captured her attention while she re-created nature’s gifts by way of visual art. After years of developing mastery in watercolor, Samiljan discovered encaustic painting in 2009 during the studio residency portion of the Master of Education curriculum at Endicott College. Her work began to take on new depth in multiple art mediums. Encaustic painting combines beeswax mixed with pigment and resin, melted and applied to a surface that is then fused with heat. Sculptural qualities achieved using wax have become a welcome addition to Samiljan’s impressionistic paintings.

As a “Copley Artist” in Boston and an active exhibitor, Samiljan has established a dedicated following. Both Children’s Hospital and Newton-Wellesley Hospital have purchased multiple series of her works for their permanent collections. These paintings contribute to providing the peacefulness and tranquility the hospitals strive to create for their patients and visitors. Twenty-five years later, Samiljan has moved her home back to Chicago and now looks forward to new inspiration and developing a patronage in the Midwest and beyond. She is currently teaching weekly classes at the Evanston Art Center and the North Shore Art League. Ms. Samiljan also maintains representation at Chicago Art Source Gallery along with the Copley Society of Art in Boston, and exhibits during warmer months in local, seasonal art festivals.

Robin Samiljan at “Miniature Moments” Copley Society of Art, 2016

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